9 May 2012

Morrisons Red Velvet Cupcake Kit (£1.39 at Morrisons)

Red Velvet is one of our favourite types of cake, there is just something so amazing about the deep red colour and the perfectly contrasting cream cheese frosting. I'm always searching for the perfect red velvet cake recipe but they never seen to turn out red enough! In the past I have ordered red velvet cakes mixes from US suppliers here in the UK. Betty Crocker and Duncan Hines are both great brands which give excellent results.

I was very happy when I found this Red Velvet Cupcake kit in my local Morrisons supermarket. I had no idea that any UK supermarket did this and I give full credit to Morrisons for bringing out a line of such interesting cupcake kits; they also have Mint Choc Chip and White Chocolate & Strawberry in their 'Home Baking' range.

As you would expect from one of these cake mixes it was extremely easy to make, great for when you are also making a full works roast dinner! Inside the box there are three packets, one for the cake mix, one for the icing mix, and one with red sprinkles to decorate. It also comes with the cake cases required. It only needed 60ml water. 60g butter and 1 medium egg to finish the cake mix. The cupcakes looked lovely once cooked, with perfectly flat tops which are great for icing.  I thought the end result looked quite pretty and my family was certainly pleased with them. I just used a spoon to put the icing straight on, as we only like quite a thin layer, but there was enough icing to fill an icing bag and do a more professional job of it if so desired.

The colour was great too, not as red as the aforementioned US cake kits but still a lovely dark red shade.

The taste was good too, the sponge was very light and fluffy and had a nice chocolate taste, it certainly got the thumbs up from my kids and it was a great treat to end our family meal. Obviously the taste is not as good as home baked or from a designer bakery but I think it is still a good stand-by to have in the cupboard and is certainly great value for £1.39. I will certainly be trying the other cakes mixes in this range.

The Morrisons Red Velvet Cupcake mix has also been deservedly shortlisted in The Grocer's Own Label Food & Drinks Awards 2012 in the 'Bakery, Cake Mixes' category.


  1. I never shop at Morrisons as it's not my local supermarket but I think I will have to make a trip. This is such a good find and a real bargain too! Thanks for the info :)

  2. Hi Baking Addict, Thanks so much for your positive comments! I don't often go to Morrisons either but it's worth it once in a whilte for these special little finds. I hope you manage to find one if you make the trip :)


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