16 May 2012

Junior's Pantry new range of children's food

With two children at primary school who have a very busy social life, I was intrigued to hear about a new range of meals aimed at children aged 4+. Junior's Pantry  is the inspiration of mum-of-two, Kate Finch, a Cordon Bleu-trained chef, who has created an interesting range of nutritious meals for primary school age children.

There are no preservatives or ‘nasties’ used in any of the dishes in this range so it is a great way to provide a wholesome meal even on busy days. The dishes are obviously targeted at busy parents, whose children lead active lifestyles with quick, nutricious ready meals which can be prepared in minutes. Junior's Pantry meals are available from Ocado .

The range includes:
·        Chicken, prawn and chorizo paella: A delicious paella with a hint of smokey paprika from the chorizo RRP £2.89
·        Chicken with pesto pasta: A light pasta dish using orzo pasta (like large rice) and a delicious pesto and green vegetable sauce RRP £2.89
·        Beef ragu: A vibrant beef ragu with lots of hidden veggies, served with wholemeal fusilli RRP £2.89

My eldest is currently obsessed with paella so I think that will be the first one I will get. What do you think of this new range, have you tried it? Let me know if your children enjoyed it!

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